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27 October 2006 @ 05:20 pm
Please Note: If you friend me, I take it that you would like to be added to my friendslist as well.

a few simple things to keep in mind
  • All artworks and other graphics are copyrighted to me. If you wish to reuse any of my art/graphics for any reason, please comment on any entry to inform me and wait for my consent or disapproval. After that, please credit the artwork to JIIE or Meierise. In the case of icons, credit in the icon comments or keywords will do.
  • No leet/twitspeak unless I use it in the post (which will be very rare) or you have to use it for an intended effect in your comments. Abbrevations like LOL, however, are fine.
  • I have a tendency to get fangirly or hyper sometimes, so you are warned.
  • I may not always remember to LJ-cut artwork or icons, so dialup users beware.